If you are a current or former VWL or FONZ volunteer, please log in before filling out this form. Go to https://nationalzoo.vsyslive.com to sign in with your email address and password. Use the link on that page to reset your password. If you need further assistance, contact Suzanne at houghsm@si.edu.

All VWL volunteers must complete a Smithsonian background check prior to being assigned a survey location or partner. If you are a new volunteer, we will send you details about the in-person training session which is required for anyone who has not completed a survey in the previous two years. All volunteers are required to record and submit their data and hours monthly. If you have questions about the VWL program, see the website at https://www.vaworkinglandscapes.org.
Citizen Science Information Form
Where do you want to work and what surveys interest you?

Virginia Working Landscapes recruits citizen scientists every spring to assist with pollinator, bird, plant, and mammal surveys on working grasslands, such as hay fields and livestock pastures, across 16 counties in Virginia.   

These surveys are part of an important, ongoing study to understand how various management regimens (like haying, prescribed burning, or native grass planting) affects key elements of ecosystem health and function (such as biodiversity, abundance, or nutritional metrics).   

There is no need to be an expert naturalist to participate in the surveys, all that is required is an interest in learning and sufficient time to dedicate to the project. Each survey will have a mandatory introductory meeting that will cover important information such as survey protocols, identification skills and site assignments.  

If you want to get involved, please fill out the form below and our staff will be in contact within five business days. Thanks!  

Please note: VWL Volunteers must complete the application form and will be required to go through a Smithsonian background check as part of the onboarding process. New volunteers will be expected to attend an in-person training session, and all volunteers must record and submit their data and hours at least monthly. If you have questions about the VWL program, see the website at https://www.vaworkinglandscapes.org. 


Basic Information
Our company does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity or expression. In order to track the effectiveness of our recruiting efforts and ensure we consider the needs of all our volunteers and employees, please tell us what your gender is. (Optional)
As a VWL citizen scientist, you will gain admission to exclusive VWL workshops and seminars, as well as guided nature walks and social gatherings. Therefore, to best serve our citizen scientists in these programs, we would like to know a bit about you.
Any information you choose to provide will be completely confidential and will not affect your eligibility to particpate in surveys. The questions in this section are optional.
Tell us about your outdoor experiences and skills, and describe any field work you have done. For example, tell us if you have experience: using field guides, GPS devices, spotting scopes or binoculars; deploying and maintaining camera-traps; identifying plants, birds (by sight or sound), butterflies, insects, or bumblebees; conducting point count surveys, sweep netting, or preparing plant/insect speciments.
Where do you want to work? What surveys interest you? Is there someone you prefer to be partnered with while working on surveys? Please fill out this section to help us match candidates and site locations expediently.

In Case of Emergency (ICE) Contact Information
Who should we contact in the event of an emergency?
Please provide at least one emergency contact phone number.

General Medical Information
Have you ever volunteered with or worked for FONZ or the Smithsonian's National Zoo Conservation Biology Institute
Do you have any previous ecology experience? Explain briefly.

Background and References
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Thank you for completing the VWL application form.  Staff will be in touch with you soon.